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Members of the 22nd USASA Detachment
Stanley Staples
John Dunn
George Fitzgerald
Chester "Benny" Havenstrite
Donovan Kerr
Angus Sinclair
Gene Taliaferro
LeRoy "Ben" Thompson
ASAer Guests From Other Units
Bobby Blount
280th USASA Company
Dale Carmichael
280th USASA Company
John Dunnewind
78th USASA Special Operations Unit
James Snodgrass
280th USASA Company
Tom Seils
280th USASA Company
Spouses & Other Guests
Elizabeth Carmichael
Monika Courville
Rosemarie Courville
Joseph Fitzgerald
Vivian Havenstrite
Sue Kerr
Evie Seils
Robert Staples
Jenna Supple
Ann Taliaferro
ZB 410 000 000