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Charlie's Berlin tour spanned the period from December 1959 fo January 1962, thus he was one of the few 280th members who experienced the erection of the Berlin Wall in August 1961. He also has provided the BK web site with photos of Kinder of the Haus am Fitchenberg. Please check out the "Photograph Section" of the web site under the "Orphan Kinder" selection to view pictures provided by Bill Gunter and both pictures and copies of letters from the Kinder provided by Charlie.

First week or so after the Berlin Wall went up
Charlie McGehee
Checkpoint "Charlie" First week or so after Berlin Wall was put up - August 1961
Templehof Site
Miscellaneous Photos
L: Ted Doty R: Steve Dutton
Ted Doty
Charlie McGehee at Border
Charlie behind Adrews Barracks
CM 010 000