Altamonte Springs, Florida
Counter Measure Search & Analysis
September 1956 - May 1957

The Beginning:

I was born in Lodi, NJ in 1936.  I graduated from high school in 1954 and enlisted in thearmy.  I had my basic training in Fort Dix, NJ and went to Signal School in Ft. Monmouth NJ.  The course taken was Counter Measure Search and Analysis.  In about the third week there were rumors that our entire class would go to Formosa.  I went on sick call one day and in those days you could smoke in the hospital.  A bunch of guys waiting for treatment were sitting there and a nurse came out and stuck a thermomenter in our mouths and said she would return to retrieve the thermomenter in a couple of minutes.  I thought about Formosa and decided to take action.  I heated up my thermomenteer with my cigarette and my temp went up to 104 degrees.  They slapped me in isolation for two weeks and when I returned to class, I was in a group that went to Vienna, Austria.  That was the only dishonest thing I have ever done.


I was stationed in downtown Vienna in the Stiflskesearn a Nazi anti aircraft fortress on Mariahilvastrasse in the American sector, of course.  I met Bob Shanahan there and we became best of friends.  Vienna was a four power city like Berlin - each occupier had their own sectors.

We went on a TDY mission in the Austrian Alps (looking down into Chzeckoslovachia) when Austria became independent and every church bell rang at the same time on May 15, 1955.  This was the most memorable moment of my life.  It was the beginning of the end for us, for the occupying powers were kicked out.

Bad Aibling:

After that we changed from Signal Corps to ASA and became the 7224 ASA Det.  We remained there until Sept 1956 when we moved to Berlin.  Loved that city; Kurirstendam and Tempelhof EM club Casaleon were good memories.  Rudow and the end of Operation Gold.  The drama of the Cold War, Cognac and beautiful women, a young man's dream.  I rotated home in lat May of 1957.

Post Military:

I went back to school for electronics at the RCA Institute and at Patterson Commercial College.  Currently, I am employed by Lockheed Martin in Orlando, although the sequestration may put an end to my working career.  I feel good that it has lasted this long.  I have been in electronics since 1958 in the engineering and field service.

I was happy to see your website but sad to see that Shannahan, Lee and Marsch were gone.  They were real nice guys.  I guess we'll all end up "in the red" if there is somebody left to edit the website.


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