Info: It is common to test an email address by sending a message to yourself.
         Note that this technique will not work with these "forwarding" addresses.
Name Email "Forwarding" Addresses
John Ahouse
Thomas E. Abrials
Clinton W. Alphen
Lowell L. Amick
John Ashton
James E. Baldridge
George Bareis
George Bareis
Venton Beals
Edward R. Beck
(Roger) John Benedict
Charles A. Berryhill
Pat Bethel (Wife of deceased George)
Bobby Blount
Bainbridge Boehlke
William J. Brinker
Douglas F. Bishop
Paul V. Buckley
John Z. Burkhart
James N. Busby
James Cadenhead
Dale Carmichael (address 1)
Dale Carmichael (address 2)
Dave Chapman
John M. Clark
James R. Collignon
James C. Coppock
Murray J. Cowan
Bill Crowder
Jack DeMarco
John V. Donahue
George Dunbar
Thomas Dunleavy
John Dunn
Charles "Chuck" Dyko
Mike Earle
Charles R. "Chick" Eggert
George Espey
James Farmer
Bart Fenmore
George Fitzgerald
William (Bill) Flaherty
Daniel M. Franklin
Bob Fredrick
Louis O. Giuffrida
Larry Goodman
Ralph Griffith
Richard J. Gucwa
Jerold T. Hahn
James F. Hanks
Eric Hawkins
Raymond L. Hogan
McDonald G. "Fritz" Howell
Talbott Huey
John Huntley
Joseph (Joe) Johnson
William S. Johnson
Ronald Jones
Donavan Kerr
Charles C. Kissell sunshine352@280th-usasa-berlin.comĀ 
Kenn Klun  
Donald D. Knapp
Don Kress 
George R. Lambert 
Sam H. Ledbetter 
William (Bill) Lemieux
Martin LeMieux
Charles J. Lentz
Damond Lester 
Dennis Lewandowski
Charles Lowe
Victor Marma
Charles L. (Charlie) McGehee 
John McKeon 
Bruce L. Mouser
Al Murdock
Clifford Nelson
Glenn Nordin
Raymond E. Norris
Guy M. Norton
Terrence O'Connor
Stan Ockers 
Richard Park
Tim Plunkett
Laurence E. Polutta
John Quirk
David E. Raney
Merle Remmert
Robert W. Riddell
Frank M. "Fritz" Rosekrans III
R. G. "Bob" Schmitt
Chuck Schoenfeldt
Tom Seils
Doug Shively
Bob Sievers
Angus Sinclair
Jackson G. Simpson
James Snodgrass
"Chuck" Stanard
Harry V. "Skip" Stillwagon
Mike Storie
Samual J. Sullivan
Wesley L. Swanson (address 1)
Wesley L. Swanson (address 2)
Eric V. Swearingen
Russell Swenson
Gene Taliaferro
Armen Tashdinian
Lee Thompson (address 1)
Lee Thompson (address 2)
Dale Verner
Arthur L. Visor
Tom Walsh
Charles W. "Chuck" Walton
Neil Ward
Gerald "Jerry" Weissinger
Barry M. Wheeler
Terry White
Martin "Rudy" Whittaker
Ron L. "Will" Williams
Ray Willingham
Kenneth "Ken" Wilson
Ray Willingham
Peter G. Woodward
Raymond Zarlengo
John F. Zimmerman
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