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L-R: John Vacca,  "Ben" Thompson,
         Unknown-102R, Robert Fleming
Vacca, Sinclair, Thompson, Shannahan, Russell
Lee, Chatto, Jones, Havenstrite, Marsh, Vacca
Havenstrite, Marsh, Lee, Vacca, Weiss
Russell, Weiss, Havenstrite, Vacca, Marsh
         L-R R: Marsh, Lee, Chatto, Sedlar
                 F: Vacca, Norton, Fitzgerald
        L-R: Unknown-060R, John Russell,                  "Ben"Thompson, John Vacca,   
                Unknown-062R, Ronald Jones
Gene Chatto, John Vacca,
Unk-052R, Unk-053R
Fleming, Vacca
Robert Fleming, John Vacca
John Vacca
Ron Jones, John Vacca
L: Steve Weiss    R: John Vacca
The Later Years
Reunion Pictures
L-R Standing: Theis, Fleming, Norton, Kerr, Weiss, Sinclair, Staples       Sitting: Vacca      
ZC 400 000 000