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From The Stars & Stripes June 12, 1958: 


BERLIN (Special) -- The Army Commendation Ribbon with Metal Pendent was placed on two soldiers of Berlin Command Headquarters for their prompt action in coming to the aid of a German guard three months age where his clothes caught fire.  

Cited for their quick thinking on March 2nd during the mishap were Sp3 LeRoy H. Thompson and Pfc Gary M. Harris.

Exposing themselves to posible injury, the two men rushed to the aid of Peter K. Krzeminski, whose clothes were in flames.  His uniform had been ignited by an oil stove.

After extinguishing the flames, the two soldiers covered Krzeminshki with a blanket to prevent shock, moved him to shelter and summoned medical aid.  He was taken to the hospital unconscious.  

The decorations were awarded by Brig. Gen. George T. Duncan, Commanding Gerneral of the Berlin Command in ceremonies at Andrews Barracks.

Although still hospitalized, the fire victum expects to return to work in five or six weeks.

Leroy H Thompson
Leroy H. Thompson
L-R: John Vacca, Angus Sinclair, "Ben" Thompson, Robert Shannahan, John F. Russell
Group Picture
L-R: John Vacca, "Ben" Thompson, Unknown-102, Robert H. Fleming
Group Picture
L-R: Unkn-060, John Russell, "Ben" Thompson, John Vacca, Unkn-062, Ronald Jones
"Ben" in front of Berlin War ruins
"Ben" on the Kudamm
"Ben" in the Rudow Compound
Sunbathing on Rudow Roof
LeRoy H. "Ben" Thompson in foreground
L-R: Bob Fleming, "Ben" Thompson, Bob Shannahan, Richard D. Lee
"Ben" in Bad Aibling
John Vacca & "Ben" Thompson
The Later Years
Ben & Eddy
L-R: Jen, Ben, Skye, Sammi
L-R: Eddy, Ben, Terri, Mike
Ben & Skye
Ben & Jen
L-R: Skye, Ben, Sammi
2010 Reunion
    L-R: "Ben" Thompson, Angus Sinclair, Guy Norton, Col. James Bolick, Stan Staples, Don Kerr,
             George Fitztgerald, John Dunn
2011 Reunion
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