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Elmer R. Sedlar, Angus Sinclair, Aldo
Angus & Aldo
Angus on a cold day at Rudow
Angus & Jeep
L-R: Creek, Sedlar, Vacca, Sinclair

Elmer R. Sedlar, Angus Sinclair

Aldo, Angus Sinclair, Gene Chatto
Vacca, Sinclair, Thompson, Shannahan, Russell
L-R: Creak, Sedlar, Chatto, Sinclair
Aldo, Angus Sinclair, Gene A. Chatto
               L-R Rear: Sinclair, Engleman
           L-R Front: Chatto, Sherry, Wopata
James Leesch, Charles Stabb, Robert Marsh, Angus Sinclair, Ronald Griffith, "Benny" Havenstrite
The Later Years
2007 Reunion
2008 Reunion
2009 Reunion
2010 Reunion
    L-R: "Ben" Thompson, Angus Sinclair, Guy Norton, Col. James Bolick,
              Stan Staples, Don Kerr, George Fitztgerald, John Dunn
2011 Reunion
L: Sam Sullivan    R: Angus Sinclair - 01/08/2012
2013 Reunion
Reunion Pictures
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