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R LR: SFC Crisswell, Joe Schade, Buddy Burris, Bob Sievers, Jim Snodgrass, Marvin Arnold
 F LR: Richard Digivanni, Frank Pires, Dick Livengood, George Fitzgerald       
John Dunn, George Fitzgerald, Donovan Kerr
Bobby Blount, Fitz
         L-R R: Marsh, Lee, Chatto, Sedlar
                 F: Vacca, Norton, Fitzgerald
L-R: George Laske, Gerta (owner), Dan Williams, George Fitzgerald, Jack Cole, Larry Midgette
L-R: Sam Sullivan, Inga, Geo Fitzgerald, Margot, Mrs. Marsh, Robert Marsh, Edward Lopez, Raymond Rogers, Unknown
Margot & Fitz
Fitz & Margot
Magot & Fitz
L-R Frank Creek, Geo. Fitzgerald, Irmgard,        Irmgard's Mom, John Dunn, Rosemarie Creek
   Back Seat: John Dunn, Irmgard, Her Father       Front Seat: Fitz, Margot, Margot's Mom
The Later Years
[B] Fitz, Kerr, Dunn [F] Courville
George Fitzgerald, John Dunn, Donovan Kerr
The Later Years
22nd ASA Det. Reunion 2008
22nd ASA Det. Reunion 2009
L-R: Guy Norton, Stanley Staples, George Fitzgerald, Gene Toliafferro, Benny Havenstrite,
         Angus Sinclair, Dale Carmichael
22nd ASA Det. Reunion 2010
 L-R: "Ben" Thompson, Angus Sinclair, Guy Norton, Col. James Bolick, Stanley Staples, Don Kerr,
             George Fitzgerald, John Dunn
22nd ASA Det. Reunion 2011
22nd ASA Det. Reunion 2013
All Reunion Pictures
ZC 100 000 000