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Reunion Decorated Cake
Reunion Banner
"Benny" Havenstrite, GeneTaliaferro, Don Kerr
Staples, Havenstrite, Kerr, Taliaferro
Staples, Havenstrite, Kerr, Taliaferro
Guy & Pam Norton
Sue Krr, Ann Taliaferr, Vivian Havenstrite
Don Kerr, Gene Taliaferro, "Benny" Havenstrite
Doris Norton, Elizabeth Carmichael
Vivian Havenstrite, Sue Kerr
Gene & Ann Taliaferro
Doris Norton, Elizabeth Carmichael, Ann Taliaferro
Stan Staples, Vivian Havenstrite
Don Kerr, Dale Carmichael, Guy Norton
Dale Carmichael
George Fitzgerald, Dale Carmichael
     L-R: Dale Carmichael, "Benny" Havenstrite,
              Stanley Staples
ZB 040 000 000