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Richard Lee
Gene A. Chatto
Robert L. Marsh
Richard D. Lee
Richard D. Lee
Larry McGill
John Vacca
Gene Chatto
(A Mechanic)
Ronald Jones
John Heires
Charles W. Stabb
Robert L. Marsh
Gene A. Chatto
James L. Leesch
Richard D. Lee
Richard D. Lee
              Grey Jacket=Vacca       
              Left Hand Over Face=Robinson
              To Right of Fellow In Uniform=Lee
Havenstrite, Marsh, Lee, Vacca, Weiss
        L-R: Unknown-060R, John Russell,                  "Ben"Thompson, John Vacca,   
                 Unknown-062R, Ronald Jones
      L-R: Charles W. Stabb, Unknown-058R,                Unknown-062R, Richard Lee
Guy Norton
Larry McGill, Steve Weiss
John Vacca, Ben Thompson, Unknown, Robert H. Fleming
Gene A. Chatto
Richard D. Lee, John F. Russell, Gene A. Chatto
John Dunn, Geo Fitzgerald, Donovan Kerr
Ronald J. Griffith
Lewis, Kerr
Guy Norton
William G. Shockley
Guy Norton, Robert H. Fleming
Fleming, Vacca
Samuel J. Sullivan
Sedlar, Sinclair, Aldo
Elmer R. Sedlar
Sedlar, Sinclair
John Vacca
Russell, Weiss, Havenstrite, Vacca, Marsh
John Russell
Gene Taliaferro Friends
At the Wiener Stubl:
  #1 = Bobby Blount           #2 = Carl "Roy" Clooney       #3 = Gene Taliaferro
  #4 = Joe Clarke               #5 = John Ashton                     #6 = Larry Goodman
  #7 = Ken Hoffman            #8 = Hughes                            #9 = Deal      
  #10 = Henry Burger         #11 = Chester Barnard
"Benny" Havenstrite
"Benny" Havenstrite
The Later Years
Gene A. Chatto
James R. Courville
Fitzgerald, Kerr, Courville, Dunn
Kerr, Taliaferro
Weiss, Kerr
George Fitzgerald, John Dunn, Donovan Kerr
[B] Fleming, Kerr, Norton [F] Lewis
Don Kerr, John Heires
Reunion 2007

L-R Standing: Theis, Fleming, Norton, Kerr, Weiss, Sinclair, Staples ..... Sitting: Vacca

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