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Gene A. Chatto
Angus Sinclair
Angus Sinclair
Angus Sinclair
Richard D. Lee
Jack Engleman
Jack A.Wopata
Angus Sinclair
Angus Sinclair
Angus & Aldo
Angus on a cold day at Rudow
Angus & Jeep
Graveyard accross East Berlin Border
Gene A. Chatto
Sedlar, Sinclair & Aldo
Elmer R. Sedlar
Creak, Sedlar, Chatto, Sinclair
Angus Sinclair in the Rudow Billet
Sinclair, Chatto & Aldo
Gene Chatto & Aldo
Angus Sinclair
L-R: Chatto, Sinclair, Engleman. Sherry, Wopata
Engleman Walking Guard
L: Richard Lee R: Samuel J. Sullivan
Vacca, Thompson, Unknown-102, Fleming
Angus near the Rudow front gate
Luftbrucke Memorial & Tempelhof
 Gene Chatto (right) & Friends
Rudow Antennas
Rudow East German Border Guards
Unidentifed Rudow Sleeper
ZA 040 000 000