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Individuals with names in Red are deceased.

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Stanley R. Staples
Gene Taliaferro
Angus Sinclair
"Benny" Havenstrite
George Fitzgerald
Robert H. Fleming
Don Kerr
John F. Russell
Steve Weiss
James R. Courville
John Dunn
Gerald D. Linn
Raymond E. Rogers
Elmer R. Sedlar

Samual J. Sullivan

William G. Shockley
Guard Dog "Aldo"
William P. Theis
Robert C. Williams
John Vacca
Ronald J. Griffith
Robert Shannahan
Richard D. Lee
Gene A. Chatto
Robert L. Marsh
Jack Engleman
James L. Leesch
Frank C. Creek
Ronald Jones
Charles W. Stabb
Robert L. Sherry
Jack A. Wopata
Phillip W. Bryan
Edward L. Lopez
ZA 020 000 000