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Individuals with names in Red are deceased.
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Guard Dog "Aldo"
Bryan, Phillip W.
Chatto, Gene A.
Courville, James R.
Creak, Frank C.
Dunn, John
Engleman, Jack
Fitzgerald, George
Ronald Jones
Fleming, Robert H.
Griffith, Ronald J.
Havenstrite, "Benny"
Jones, Ronald
Kerr, Donovan
Lee, Richard D.
Leesch, James L.
Linn, Gerald D.
Lopez, Edward L.
Marsh, Robert L.
Rogers, Raymond E.
Russell, John F.
Sedlar, Elmer R.
Shannahan, Robert
Sherry, Robert L.
Charles W. Stabb
Stanley Staples
Shockley, William G.
Sinclair. Angus
Stabb, Charles W.
Staples, Stanley R.
Sullivan, Sam J.
Taliaferro, Gene
Theis, William P.
Vacca, John
Weiss, Steve
Williams, Robert C.
Wopata, Jack A.
Unidentified Kameraden
ZA 018 000 000