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Army Language School - Montery, CA

Class Picnic Nov. 2, 1955

Standing: 1st Lt. Huth
Teachers: Miess, Schmidt, Boldt
Kneeling: 1st Lt. Hunt, Col. Lussetter
Berlin Landmarks
Berlin Street Scenes
Wes Swanson & Friends In Berlin
Jim McSween
L: Wes Swanson R: Jerry Parrish
Klunn, Weaver, Forsetta
L: Wes Swanson R: Bill Hornung
Victor Borge Performance for the Troops
L-R Around Table: Buckley, Hogan, Shadden, Barsky, Ledbetter, Hydro, Swanson, Annis, Bollmeyer, Fritts, Kennamer, Sellers, Dolan; Way Behind Swanson's left, Richardson & Smith
Bill Hornung, Wes Swanson, Pete Walker
L: Lew Farsetta R: Ron White
Barracks Behind Andrews Chapel
Messerschmidt Automobile
WS 010 000