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John Ashton
William R. Hornung
John Ashton
Unknown-130 at Rudow
John Ashton at Rudow
Looking into East Berlin from the Rudow roof
Looking down "The Kudam"
Tom Fitzgerald? In front of the Brandenburg Gate
L-R: Bob Loughman, Ken Hoffman, Joe Clarke,          Alan Krolikowski, Joe Kelly
Unknown-JA002 & William R. Hornung
In Andrews Barracks
Hush, Hush Road to Gunewald Site
Joe Clarke with new car in Grunewald Forest
L-R: Tom Fitzgerald, Joe Clarke, Joe Kelly,
         Jesse Walling, John "Jack" Ashton
L-R: Tom Fitzgerald, Joe Clarke, Louis Walling,
         Joe Kelly, John "Jack" Ashton
Joe Kelly
Joe Kelly
Tom Fitzgerald
Joe Clarke
John Ashton - Age 20
Bob Sievers? In front of the Kongress Halle
Bob Sievers?
Bob Sievers?
Joe Schade at Haus am Fichtenberg Orphanage
Ball game at Orphanage Event
William R. Hornung             John Ashton
Unknown-JA007         John Ashton

L-R: Jim Bond, Joe Kelly, McGuire(?)

L-R: Jim Bond, Joe Kelly, Tom Fitzgerald
Unknowns at Wannsee Beach
Wannsee Facilities
Former Nazi Capital Building, the "Reichstag"
Guards at the Soviet War Memorial
Wiener Stubl, near the Andrews Barracks Compound
Local "Watering Hole", the Wiener Stubl
       #1 = Bobby Blount               #2 = Robinson
       #3 = Gene Taliaferro           #4 = Joe Clarke
       #5 = John Ashton                 #6 = Goodman
       #7 = Ken Hoffman
Military Documents
The Later Years
JA 010 000