Guy M. Norton

 Kill Devil, NC

 October 1956 – May 1957


 Donavan Kerr put me onto your 280th web site.  I was stationed at Rudow from late October 1956 until late May 1957.  After Ft. Devens, I was sent to Arlington Hall Station and attached to NSA which was co-located there at the time.  I moved with NSA when they moved from AHS to Ft. Meade in early 1955.  I was with NSA until after a week of leave, I reported to McGuire AFB on June 1, 1956 to be flown to Frankfurt a Main and then was supposed to take the train into Berlin. 

Although ASA Military, I was traveling for NSA.  When I arrived in Frankfurt, I was notified that my orders to Berlin had been rescinded. No explanation was give and I was told to enjoy myself in Frankfurt until new orders. I believe it was about three weeks until I received orders to proceed to Bad Aibling where I joined a group that had pulled back from Vienna. Sometime in October, most of the men in that organization including me moved packet at a time over several days and weeks to Berlin. By November we had all arrived at Rudow.  I left there in late May/Early June 1957 for the states for discharge as my enlistment was ending and I had opted not to re-up.




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