Jacksonville, Florida
German Linguist
July 1957 - February 1959

Berlin Memories

It's truly amazing how the years melt away after contact with people who are 40-plus years distant. Thanks to John Hanft for supplying the blowtorch to that half-century iceberg.  I guess most of us formerly associated with the 280th have done OK.  After all, we were, and maybe still are, "the cream of the crop."  I live on a golf course in Jacksonville, Fla., after an eminently successful career in the periodical publishing business in NYC.  My wife, Beth and I, have two wonderful children and three grandchildren.  The sad part is that they live so far away.  My daughter in Darien, CT, and my son in Richmond, VA.  All in all, we have a terrific life doing whatever we please.  By the way of a biography, when I occasionally reflect on my time in Berlin, the people I knew, the common experiences we all enjoyed and most importantly, the coming of age as a man, I am almost overcome with nostalgia, wanting to relive those golden memories.  In my heart, I feel putting those memories on paper would somehow betray them.



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