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Individuals with their name in Red are deceaased.
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MJR Karl Spannaire
CPT Glenn H. Nordin
CPT Lyndon King
CPT Harry Harrison
LT. Ed Gaoff
LT Richard Ekland
LT Gerald McCabe
LT Raymond E Rogers
CWO Owen Yates
CWO Elmer Guerecke
CWO Lee Fenton
1/Sgt Orazio Reale
M/Sgt Ray Plymale
M/Sgt Edward J. Crisswell
Rear LR:   CWO Owen Yates,  LT. Ed Gaoff, CWO Elmer Guerecke, CPT. Lyndon King,
                    LT. Gerald McCabe
Front LR:  1st SGT Orazio Reale,  CPT. Glenn H. Nordin, CWO Lee Fenton,  Maj. Karl Spannare,
                    LT. Richard C. Eklund,  Msgt. Ray Plymale
BF 001 000 000