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Ed passed away February 2015
L: Edward Beck        R: Stafford Mergenthal
 Behind L-R: Ron Bollmeyer,  Ed Beck, Donald Whipp, George Espy, Dick Parke 
 Front   L-R: Daniel Franklin, Stafford Mergenthal, Terry White,  James Busby
L-R: Daniel Franklin, Donald Whipp, Dick Parke, Terry White, Ed Beck, Stafford Mergenthal
L-R: David Bogan, Danny Franklin, Stafford Mergenthal, George Espey,
         Joe  Bowyer, Terry White, Edward Beck, Dick Parke       
Berlin Command Championship Softball Team - 1956
Back Row:     David Chapman,  Ron Bollmeyer, Kenneth Klun,
                        Cpt. Harry Harrison,
                        Sgt. Edward Crisswell, Edward R. Beck
Middle Row:  Stafford Mergenthal, George Semler
Front Row:     Jackson Simpson, Ron White, Ray Bell, Ray Hogan      
The Later Years
L: Stafford Mergenthal R: Ed Beck
BB 775 000 000