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In Basic Training
Jim Hanks
Hanks, Unknown
Hanks, McConnell
Hanks, McConnell
At Monterey, CA - Army Language School
Jim Hanks, Dale Carmichael, Marvin Meier
"Mac" McConnell, Marvin Meier, Jim Hanks
"Mac" McConnell, Dale Carmichael, Jim Hanks
In Berlin
Reunion 2006
  J. Hanks, Fritz Howell
At the NSA Cryptologic Museum
During the "Get Togethers"
Jim Hanks, Bart Fenmore, John McKeon
Jim Hanks, Bart Fenmore, "Fritz: Howell
Jim Hanks, "Fritz" Howell
   Facing:    Lee Thompson, Jim Hanks, "F" Howell
   Behind:   Bart & Bobbie Fenmore
On the Washington Mall
Jim at the Vietnam War Memorial Statue
Jim's reflection in the Vietnam Wall
The Later Years
Jim Hanks, Dale Carmichael, Mac McConnell
BB 120 000 000