In 2006, several former members of the 280th USASA Company organized a unit reunion which was held in Bethesda, MD.  The event was a great success with attendees taking many pictures.  Bill Guntner, a professional photographer in civilian life,
recoded reunion activities.  He posted those pictures as well as some Berlin-period photos on his newly created web site.  Then fate stepped in and Bill passed away on 01/26/2007.

Members of the reunion organizing group felt that Bill's Berliner Kameraden web site should continue, so they stepped up to the task.  The current on-line presentation consisting of photos, biographies and other exhibit data provided by former members of the unit grew over time.  The objective has been to not only provide a common memory platform for members of the unit to use to exchange information, but also to provide historical information of interest to their extended families, even after the ASAers themselves pass from the scene.

If you have additional pictures, biographies or other exhibits of interest, please contact a member of the web site team.  You can find their email addresses on the site's home page.  Also, if you can provide names of unidentified individuals it will be greatly appreciated.



Jerry Gilreath - Administrator

Deceased 09/10/2015

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Origin Of The Berliner Kameraden Concept





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