Having difficulty viewing videos (Flash Player Error Msg)? Try the following -

Method #1

    1. Left click on the Flash symbol below.
    Get Adobe Flash player
    2. Perform steps 6 thru 10 noted below.
    3. If the resulting screen is blank, left click on the screen.
    4. The video should become visible at this point.
    5. After doing this one time, in the future just click on the blank screen if necessary.
                                                                           Method #2

    1. Left Click on the little "window" symbol at the bottom of your windows brower
        to the left of the "type here to search" block.
        Type Internet Explorer into the "Type here to search" box.
    2. Left Click on the Internet Explorer option in the resulting "drop down box".
    3. Type 280th-usasa-berlin.com in the Web Search box [hit enter].
    4. Left Click on the 280th-usasa-berlin.com in the search result choices.
    5. At this point you should have accessed the Berliner Kameraden home page.
    6. Left Click on the PICTURES button.
    7. Left Click on the VIDEOS button.
    8. Left Click on "High Quality Video"    if you have high-BPS Internet Service.
    9. Left Click on "Lower Quality Video" if you have low-BPS Internet Service.*
  10. Left Click on the Video of choice.

Method #3

   If your network brower screen has three dots (...) in the upper right-hand corner:

     1. Left Click on the ... symbol.
     2. Left Click on Internet Explorer option in the drop-down box.
     3. If this presents the Berliner Kameraden home page perform steps 6-10 above.
     4. Or, if working from the error message screen, the movie should start.   

 * Note that video "data streaming" requires a satifactory BPS rate to avoid download delays and     interuption in displaying video content.  Our apologies if you do not have satisfactory results.

    Also note that you must have computer "speaker" capability to hear audio content on the videos.

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